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  Lyon Solar Energy Specialists provide the following services to it's customers:
Complete Project Evaluations
Proper evaluation of a project will provide optimum efficiency and savings on your solar power system. We will inspect the available ground or roofing space, the existing electrical panels, the potential shade issues, and your anticipated energy usage. We will combine all of these factors to create a plan that is tailored to your home or commercial needs.

Residential Installations
Whether you are looking for a complete solar electric power system, or simply want solar power for your pool or spa; Lyon Solar Energy can design and install a system that is perfect for your home. A residential system will save you money and help the environment.

Commercial Installations
Lyon Solar Energy can install a solar energy system for your retail, industrial, or office building space. A solar energy system can save you money, provide tax incentives, and it lets your clients and customers know that you are a responsible business owner who cares about the environment.

Repairs and Installations
Lyon Solar Energy can handle the repairs of your existing solar system. We can also repair any plumbing issues that you may have with your solar heated pool or spa system. We repair any make or model solar system.

Pool & Spa Automation Systems
Using solar power to regulate the temperature of your pool or spa can save your hundreds of dollars a year. Lyon Solar Energy will help you choose an automation system that fits your needs and can install or repair any brand of solar powered pool automation system.

Solar Electric Power Systems
Lyon Solar Energy installs photovoltaic systems which convert energy from the sun into electricity. These arrays are designed to store electric power so that they can provide you with electricity - even when there is no sunlight. Once this electricity has been collected, it still will need to be converted into current that can be used in your home or office; an inverter will convert the DC electricity from your panels to the AC power that is used for both residential and commercial buildings. Our experts at Lyon Solar Energy will take into account your wattage and efficiency requirements to help you design a photovoltaic system that will best suit your home or office needs.

Domestic Hot Water Systems
Lyon Solar Energy installs solar systems that will supply your hot water heaters with water that has been pre-heated by the sun. This will minimize the amount of gas or electricity that your water heater would ordinarily need to heat your water to your desired temperatures. Besides having hot water quicker, you will also be lowering your utilities bill each month! These systems are available for both residential and commercial buildings.

Escrows Inspections
If you are purchasing a new home, we can inspect the installed solar system. Typical home inspectors are not trained in solar power systems; one of our expert technicians will provide a thorough inspection of the system to let you know if this is a good investment for you and what you can expect in the future.

Full Pool & Spa Services
Properly maintaining your system is crucial to keeping it at peak performance. Lyon Solar Energy can provide routine maintenance of your system, including weekly pool/spa cleaning and chemical balancing.

Removal and Replacement for Re-Roofing
If you are re-roofing your home and already have a solar energy system installed, you could face additional stress in making sure that your system remains intact throughout the re-roofing process. Typical roofing companies are not equipped or trained in removal and re-installation of solar panels; however our experts at Lyon Solar Energy will work with your roofers in scheduling the removal and re-installation of your solar power system, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Solar technology is evolving all of the time. Periodic upgrades of your system are recommended so that you can take advantage of the latest technology and save the most money. Give us a call and we'll come out to evaluate your existing system and provide you with valuable information on what your upgrading options are.

All System Serviced
Lyon Solar Energy has experience with the installation and repair of any solar power system. Our technicians are trained to service any system whether it is for electrical or plumbing purposes.

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